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Should you buy a new or used pool table? Pool table shopping is not as complicated or expensive as buying a car, many pool table dealers carry several lines of pool tables, most are new but some carry some used pool tables in inventory.

If you are buying a used pool table and just want to get a nice discount on the table you may want to buy a pool table that was installed new from a dealer recently or within the last 5 years

Many used pool tables that are older have been moved several times and too many pool table brands are not multiple move friendly. This means they will have some problems develop each time they are moved, say for instance the wood is not of the best quality, each time the table is reassembled and screws are driven into the wood it compromises the integrity of the wood and in some cases repairs need to be done.

You also cannot tell if a pool table was moved by a professional pool table mover or someone who did not have experience, the latter can do a lot of damage to the pool table that can be hidden until it’s been purchased and the cloth comes off.

For an excellent resource of how to check a used pool table before you buy it read our professionally written Pool Table Buyers Guide
A perfect ebook for the pool table shopper.

Which pool table is right for you?
Pool tables new or used? Which pool table should you buy? What makes a pool table good? How do I move a pool table? All questions we can answer for you and we direct you to pool table companies in an area near you.

The pool table sales, pool table moving and pool table service companies listed in these pages are reliable and honest, we have been working with many of these pool table companies for years and you can find a good pool table moving company near you. If you do not have a pool table company listed here you can contact us through our service inquiry link or Ask A Pro section on this page.

Our pool table company directory offers you the following services: — Nationwide listings, find, buy or sell your pool table in your area.
— A network of service and sales companies to move, install, recover or repair your pool table or sell you one if you are in the market. The pool table service technicians we have across the country are of high quality and lengthy experience. Many of the service technicians are continuing family traditions of pool table service, some for more than 30 years.

A very important aspect of buying a used pool table is knowing there will be additional expenses after the purchase is made. Once you find a used pool table you will want to hire a professional pool table installation company to move and recover it if new pool table felt is needed. We can help you with that. Just fill out our service request form from your states page. The national average cost for a used pool table of any quality is around $1,200.00. If you are needing the pool table moved into your home the average cost is $300.00 and new cloth for the table is an additional $150.00 or so. Your used pool table that you got such a good deal on is now costing you $1,600.00. You should put some time into researching the right pool table for your needs. Many entry level laminate pool tables start out in the $1,600.00 range installed.

The best thing about buying a used pool table is the fact that most of them were installed from a dealer and usually there is no damage or wear to a used pool table besides the felt wear. A pool table stays in good condition because it has no moving parts to wear and is not generally subject to abuse. One can really find some excellent deals on a used pool table if they have time and patience to do a little research about pool tables in advance.

We have found that the buyer that is impulsive has a very high risk of getting a terrible deal. Pool tables are always available in most areas and if the buyer shops around they can save hundreds of dollars on one.

This website caters to the general population of people who just want to find a used pool table for recreational purposes. Our reviews of pool tables are not meant to direct the professional or serious pool player on the purchase of a used pool table, those players fit into a different category of buyers.

Finally we always recommend that if you want to move a pool table you should have a professional pool table installer move it for you. Here are the risks involved with moving a pool table by an amateur:
Let’s say you have a pool table or just purchased one from a private party and it’s value is about $800.00
Inexperienced movers may not move the pool table correctly and could break a part that you cannot replace – You are out a pool table and $800.00!

The slate can be broken easily if you don’t know how to move the pool table correctly – You need to buy slate and pay someone to install the table again, now your pool table cost over $1,500.00!

And not to mention the pool tables are generally around 800 pounds, it is also not unheard of to cause property damage by mishandling the pool table and costing even more!

Be smart and have a pool table company move or repair your pool table!