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Get the facts! Learn the important points about buying a pool table, saving money and getting the best table for your needs before you buy!! Hundreds of websites claim to do this
But they are really merely trying to sell you a brand. This combo E-Book pack gives honest information!

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Here is what you get...

Over 30 big brand consumer reviews
Detailed method to inspect pool tables
Buying used pool tables
(Crucial for the penny pincher)
Buying new from the store or internet(Internet purchased can be tricky)
A Guide for you to follow.
It doesn't get much simpler! You wont find this much info in one place anywhere else
Want to save money?
These guides do it and guarantee it!
Quality approved by the
American Billiard Installers Association


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After A Decade Of Searching, For Good Information About Pool Tables Online We Still Couldn't Find It!

So We Decided To Create It!

Now You Can Learn The Secrets Of Buying A Pool Table And Avoid The EXPENSIVE Mistakes Made By People Who Refuse To Educate Themselves With The Right Material

The sad truth is: BROWSING THE Internet IS NOT ENOUGH

This Information Was Collected From Consumers AND Professional Pool Table Mechanics With Decades Of Experience

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Over 80 pages of professional research!

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Stop spending so much time searching the Internet, with this product the Internet is a good tool to use if you want to "scratch the surface" about buying a pool table and it's pitfalls.

We don't know how many times people have called us to move a pool table and asked "Hey I just bought this pool table, tell me if you think it's a good deal, I researched it on the Internet and read it was a good buy."

As professional pool table installers we think to ourselves, if you read it was such a good table why are you asking us if you got ripped off?


Approved by the ABIA

You need to learn the things that the people working in the pool table industry already know. Understand something right now, when you are buying a used vehicle who is the first person you want to look at it? YOUR MECHANIC! This is the same underlying principal you need when buying a used pool table from a private party or even buying a new pool table from a store.

The best pool table shoppers in the world are
installers and salespeople with years of experience!

All you need to do is arm yourself with just a fraction of the knowledge of these people and you will reduce your chances of losing money when you finally buy a pool table. We are not talking about buying a specific brand of pool table, one table that works great for one person does not work for everyone. You need to know what table best suits your needs so you don't pay too much for your pool table.

Did you know there are several things you can do when you are looking a pool table for sale, even from a store, that will tell you little secrets about the pool table about potentially expensive problems that might be hiding, only to expose themselves later when the pool table is being moved?

Pool Table Reviews:
AE Schmidt - American Heirloom - American Heritage - Billiard Ex - Brunswick - C.L. Bailey - Connelly - Delta - DLT Billiards - Dynamo - Elephant Balls - Golden West - Harvard - Imperial International - Kasson - Legacy Billiards - Leisure Bay - Minnesota Fats - Murray - Olhausen - Peter Vitale - Presidential Billiards - Playcraft - Pool Tables Direct - Pool Tables Plus - ProLine - Smoky Mountain Billiards - Spencer Marston - Sportscraft - Thea - Thomas Aaron - Valley - World of Leisure - Z Billiards

There are no other e-books like this

COMPLETE POOL TABLE REVIEWS of over 30 popular pool table brands reviewed by consumers and pool table installers.

Dear pool table buyer,

We have published the best information that can be found anywhere on the Internet about the quality of pool tables. The information contained within this POOL TABLE BUYERS GUIDE is only available through this website. We are going to tell you the quality of pool tables, the pitfalls buyers fall into, the mistakes to avoid in this purchase and most importantly the HIDDEN COSTS of buying a used pool table.

We offer the most complete, thorough and NON BIASED, easy to understand information about buying a pool table in this POOL TABLE BUYERS GUIDE

In this guide you are presented with views from POOL TABLE INSTALLERS and CUSTOMERS WHO BOUGHT POOL TABLES all wrapped up into this easy to read and understand guide. We are not salespeople pushing a product; in fact we don't even sell pool tables or accessories. We are considered experts in our industry and our Internet presence for OVER 8 SUCCESSFUL YEARS proves it.

This is the real thing!

This is not some website or magazine that sells products and writes an article about pool table reviews to get you to buy something. We are installers who operate a website promoting the best quality pool table installers, movers and stores in the United States. Why we do this is because there is so much FALSE INFORMATION on the Internet about products and services. We do this for the CONSUMER so they don't get a bad deal.

This business model has worked for almost a decade but we wanted to bring consumers an excellent pool table buyers guide that would tell them exactly what they needed to know to get an excellent deal on a pool table with out all of the pool table industry jargon, this is written in easy to understand language for the pool table buyer with little to no knowledge about the quality of pool tables.

For over almost a decade we strived to offer the highest quality pool table companies available in the United States for customers who needed to purchase a pool table or wanted to have one moved, recovered or repaired. Why? Because we know what kind of people are out there working on pool tables. Inexperienced, low quality, uninsured contractors who call themselves pool table installers. People are cheated out of quality pool table services done by these independent contractors every day and we want to make sure we do our part to assist our visitors in finding a reputable pool table company.

We also know how difficult it is on the Internet to find GOOD INFORMATION about pool tables, There are a ton of pool table websites out there with poor information or info that has been copied from other sites, people who have never worked on a pool table in their lives and they just want one thing CONTENT. Nobody wants to make a buying decision based on a couple of posts on some "communities" websites or blogs. It's not smart to take the advice of some people who may not even know what the difference between a piece of junk and a quality product is.

It's also not wise to make a buying decision based on what a salesperson is telling you. Also the opinion of a pool player who plays leagues or tournaments about a quality pool table will be 100% different than someone who wants a pool table for their garage parties. The guide addresses this as well.

"Thank you for making these guides! I researched 3 months for my husbands pool table and was left confused and frustrated. After I found your guides the light finally came on and I found the perfect pool table for us. I want you to know you have contributed a great deal to the CONSUMER. That is so hard to find these days."
Laura - Detroit Michigan

If you are still looking up information about pool tables on the Internet then it's obvious thatYOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION! We've been searching the Internet for nearly a decade for information about pool tables and the truth is, it's not out there. IT'S IN HERE. Stop your searching and start your BUYING with this guide.

A one of a kind e-book written by professional pool table installers.

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Just a few valuable things this guide will show you are:
How to save money on a used pool table
How to avoid costly mistakes when you buy
How to take 3 minutes to completely inspect a table for problems
How much you should pay for each type of pool table
Tips on room planning before the pool table arrives
The type of pool table you should buy for your needs
Even more secrets you would spend hours or even days finding on the Internet

FOR THESE REASONS WE TOOK THE TIME TO PREPARE THIS DETAILED 20 MINUTE POOL TABLE BUYERS GUIDE FOR YOU, years of experience and literally months of research has allowed us to compile the most detailed and complete INFORMATION IN ONE PLACE available anywhere today.

Who this guide is for?

This guide is meant for people who meet ANY OF THE FOLLOWING characteristics:

  • You want to buy a pool table
  • You are afraid you might pay too much for a pool table
  • You have decided to buy a particular brand but have not yet made your purchase
  • You have a determined budget for a pool table
  • You are shopping for a used or new pool table
  • You think you are less than 6 months from buying a pool table
  • You are unsure of the value of pool tables and what you should pay
  • You want to know the best size of pool table to purchase for your room
  • You don't know if you want to have a company move it or move it yourself
  • You have done a little research but are not satisfied with the research you have done

So many factors go into researching the purchase of a pool table. THIS POOL TABLE BUYERS GUIDE is the best thing to read before making that final step in buying a pool table. In fact it will guide you through the process from start to finish. Be a smart consumer, read this pool table buyers guide before you do any more research! If you buy a pool table without reading the information in this guide you will increase your chances to waste your money over 75%. You may even risk losing your entire purchase of the table and ending up with NO MONEY AND NO POOL TABLE. Don't think this hasn't happened before, it's more common than you might think.

This pool table buyers guide tells you what NOBODY ELSE is going to tell you about buying a pool table AND you even get the most detailed POOL TABLE QUALITY REVIEWS guide to help you make your pool table purchasing decision.

Easy to Follow Excellent Guide That Really Works

What this pool table buyer's guide / pool table quality reviews guide contains

The pool table buyers guide and pool table quality reviews guide is broken up into 4 sections and is the most detailed guide about buying a pool table on the Internet.

Section 1

INITIAL RESEARCH AND WHAT TO AVOID / WHICH POOL TABLE IS RIGHT FOR YOU guides you through your initial research, determining what size pool table is best for your room and helps you narrow down your purchase decision based on your budget and desired use of the table. We assist you in determining if you want to buy a new or used pool table, where to look for pool tables for sale and differences between types of pool tables out there. We tell you what to avoid and help you SAVE MONEY ON YOUR PURCHASE The guide also outlines the STEP BY STEP PROCESS to buying a pool table that will make it much easier than if you just went at it with no direction or knowledge You will have our EXPERT ADVICE right there with you every step of the way.

What does saving money mean to you?

Section 2

BUYING A USED POOL TABLE / IN THE HOME OF THE SELLER guides you through being in the seller's home actually looking at a used pool table, inspecting the quality and what to look for and most importantly for your own piece of mind WHAT NOT TO BUY.

I saved $225 dollars on rubber replacement after reading section 2 of your guide. I had no idea what to look for. I ended up spotting bad rubber and decided not to buy the table. I found a better deal one day later. Thanks a lot guys!
Rozzi - Denver Colorado

A few examples of what this guide is going to show you about how to check the quality of the pool table:

You are going to learn the following ways to check if the table is in good condition and there are no hidden problems you might not see until the installer you hire gets there. Normally an installer will not check the table out before his job is booked. This means if there is a problem with the table you will still have to pay the installers time, (minimum $75.00!) This guide will help you to be CERTAIN you are getting what you think you are, this will save you a lot of possible embarrassment and money in the process.

  • How to check the slate and determine if it's in good condition
  • How to determine if the pool table is genuine slate or not
  • How to check the quality of the cushions or "rail rubber"
  • What to look for in the construction and stability of the pool table
  • How to spot potential PROBLEMS that have occurred in the past
  • How to check the performance of the table or how well does it play?
  • How to determine if you need to buy new cloth and how much that will cost in addition to the purchase price

This Guide Is Easy To Read & Understand With Tons Of Valuable Information

Section 3

BUYING A NEW POOL TABLE FROM A STORE This section also takes you through buying a new pool table from a dealer or store, what questions to ask, how to get a fair deal and how pool table stores operate. KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT IN ADVANCE PUTS YOU IN A MUCH BETTER SITUATION WHEN BUYING A POOL TABLE.

A few points this guide will touch on for you are:

  • The process at the store
  • Questions to ask about the pool table
  • Warranty issues
  • Delivery and installation costs if any
  • What is included in your purchase?
  • Are you dealing with a reputable store or company?
  • How long you will wait for your new pool table in stock or out of stock?
  • How to tell if you are getting a good price for the product you are looking at?
  • What to expect when the installers show up at your house with the pool table

Section 4

YOU BOUGHT A USED POOL TABLE, NOW WHAT? The guide takes you through finding a good installer to move the table. How to determine how much moving your pool table should cost you and how to determine if you should move it yourself.

You learn the following and much more:

  • What to expect from the pool table movers
  • How to prepare your home for the movers to make it easy for everyone
  • How to plan our your placement of the pool table IN ADVANCE
  • How long moving the pool table will take
  • Should you put new cloth on the pool table during the move?

ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IN THIS POOL TABLE BUYERS GUIDE AND POOL TABLE QUALITY REVIEWS GUIDE comes from experienced pool table installers, customers experiences and years of learning, it answers every question you have about buying a pool table and takes your hand through the process.

We offer two separate downloads for you

The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Pool Table Because You Save HOURS Of Useless Research, it's all here in this book plus you will avoid making a huge mistake buying bad pool table.


"I would have made a huge mistake if I had not read this guide. There is so much information here but so easy to understand with pictures and descriptions." Jim - Seattle Washington

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100% satisfaction guarantee

We are so sure you will learn so much from our pool table buyers guide we even give you a 30 day money back guarantee! That's right, if you honestly don't think you learned something from this book you have 30 days to return the book to us for a no hassle 100% refund!
We will even let you keep the POOL TABLE REVIEWS book for your hassle, simply e mail us & we will refund your total purchase price!
If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase just e mail for a refund, it's that easy!
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